So Many Sites, So Little Time

Things have been pretty crazy of late, which is why I haven't had time to do much in the way of updating on the site. Much of my web developing efforts have been going into the re-design of (a project which is, to be honest, both massive in scale and in potential.) That said, I'll be sneaking in more time for this site too in the near future!

The Tour

Now that the site is really starting to come together, I thought I should probably throw in a little something in the way of a tour. Nothing too grandiose, mind you, but a tour none the less. First and foremost, as you may notice, the links can be located at the top right of your screen (this, of course, is subject to future change if the layout should, say, be thrown into a blender and spread on toast, but it is valid for the time being.) They are fairly straight-forward in nature, to be sure, but to get passed any possible confusion, I will point them out for you.
- See The Rabbit

Schoooool's Out For the Summer!

It's been two days now since I suffered through my last final, and it looks like I probably didn't fail any of them...So that's one thing off my mind. This means I actually have time to do things like (*gasp*) work on a website! That said...I get to work 40 hours a week doing net-teching. Good in that I get money, bad in that I get to wake up at like...5:30 if I want to get to work by 8. But none the less, it's nice not to have to think about grades for a little while.
-The Rabbit

Coming Soon!

The site is currently under construction. Keep an eye on it, things will be getting interesting soon!
-The Rabbit